We no longer accept cash.
We are closed on Mondays & Tuesdays
Catering is available with advanced notice.
When you arrive, pull up front and CALL 919-372-5027  
and we will bring your order out for you.

Last orders of the day need to be placed 30 minutes before closing time, and able to be picked up by closing time 7:00pm/6:00pm Sun
Thank you!!!



Vegan Community Kitchen is owned and run by chef Sadiye, and sister chef Oya who has been running the first location in Istanbul, Turkey since 2012.

Vegan Community Kitchen shares authentic, delicious, wholesome, Mediterranean dishes that fuel and energize without compromising flavor, taste or satisfaction.

The food is %100 vegan and does not contain any animal derived products. What you will find are Mediterranean dishes based in organic grains and powered by a wide variety of plants that are tasty and every bit as satisfying as their animal-based counterparts.

Sadiye and Oya use only local ingredients to prepare the entire menu daily, including baked vegan meats. They are passionate about feeding customers hearty, nourishing meals made from whole ingredients that promote mind and body health.

As a travelers and global chefs, the owners of Vegan Community Kitchen realize that everyone comes with a different expectations and cultural background and they are prepared to be flexible regarding your preferences and restrictions.

Vegan Community Kitchen is your place to meet and make friends with the food, your beliefs, culture and culinary interests.

"Come, whoever you are..."