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 803 E .WILLIAMS St. APEX,NC 27502

Delivery available on Doordash, Uber Eats and Grubhub.


Opening Hours:    11 AM - 8 PM  FIVE DAYS A WEEK


   Our ownership of Vegan Community Kitchen is not only purpose driven, but is a collective partnership with the community we serve. We are not simply a business, we are a place of refuge for clean wholesome nutritional food delivering good vibes for the whole family. Striving to lead the way, serving as practitioner’s of plant based eating in our community is apart of our core values and ethos. In the past twenty years we have traveled nationally and internationally all over the globe. In our travels across different continents we have been introduce to numerous multicultural dishes. What we have gleaned from these travel excursions is that PLANT BASED FOODs can be limitless in quality of taste and we are here to maintain and curate the most enjoyable vegan experience in the Triangle.

   We started our first restaurant ( Madlen Café & Restaurant ) in Addis Ababa ,Ethiopia. Addis Ababa is the home of the third largest diplomatic community comparable to that of New York and Geneva Switzerland. Madlen Café and Restaurant yielded tremendous opportunities to meet people from all over the world and have gained a host of knowledge about foods that tie us together as a collective multicultural global economy.

The deeper insight and connection we as humans have to food encompass our spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing ,furthermore reignites our passion and commitment to be (100% vegan). This is why we say Vegan Community Kitchen is a reflection of our core values and ethos. We remain committed to our vegan community by serving food that is tasty, wholesome and most importantly 100 % vegan.

Our No Rules are No Meats, No Eggs, No Dairy products in our kitchen.

The exciting delicious menu will continue with same quality and taste.

Even more exciting news we are adding a delicious authentic Ethiopian Vegan food Menu.  Lastly, without further ado we would like to extend our greatest appreciation and gratitude to Chef Sadiye and her daughter Cansu for their high level of commitment and achievement in serving the greater vegan community.

We wish them well and all the best in their future endeavors.

Be vegan!

Tiru A Kassie

Getachew H Wolie

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